Budapest at sunset

Danube River Cruise

July 25 - August 5, 2020

From Budapest to Nuremberg Aboard the AmaCerto

with the

Oberammergau Passion Play

First Century Voyages is pleased to announce its first-ever trip to the Oberammergau Passionsspiele. Join us as we travel to participate in the powerful pageantry of this once-per-decade event. With meticulous attention to detail, port calls and tours have been orchestrated to showcase the Christian and cultural heritage of central Europe.

Karl & Julie Johnson, Managing Directors

Karl & Julie Johnson,
Managing Directors

Each port offers appealing options—gentle walking tours and cultural attractions, culinary adventures and local flavors, or active hikes and guided bicycle tours. There is something for everyone in the family!

Call us today at 919-381-5722 or email for the widest choice of cabin categories. We eagerly anticipate seeing you for another adventure!

Journey through the Heart of Europe

Once-A-Decade Performance

passion play
Dr. Mia Chung

Special Guest:
Dr. Mia Chung