Seated statue of Ramesses II by the Luxor Temple entrance, Egypt.

Sail the Nile
with Cairo Land Package

Trip Hosts
Steve & Jackie Green

Co-Hosts from Inspire
Michael & Lauren McAfee
Dale Brantner

Special Guest
Dr. Peter Williams

February 8 - 20, 2024

with an optional Museum of the Bible Prelude in D.C.

Aboard the
Newly Launched AmaDahlia

First Century Voyages is pleased to announce our 2024 voyage aboard AmaWaterway's newly launched AmaDalhia with trip hosts Steve & Jackie Green, co-founders of Museum of the Bible. Join us as we discover the ancient sites of Egypt with special attention to the lands of Scripture and exemplary teaching by scholar Dr. Peter Williams. With meticulous attention to detail, port calls and tours have been orchestrated to showcase the best ancient sites of Egypt with many private and exclusive tour arrangements included.

Karl & Julie Johnson, Managing Directors

Karl & Julie Johnson,
Managing Directors


Call us today at 919-381-5722 or email [email protected] for the widest choice of cabin categories. We eagerly anticipate seeing you for another adventure!

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Our Trip Hosts:
Steve & Jackie Green
Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
Co-founders of Museum of the Bible